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ntelliglobe™ is the educational and entertaining globe that contains geography and general information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought provoking. Touch the wireless Intellipen™ to the globe to play games and explore amazing facts about the world.

The wireless Intellipen™ features 1GB of easily updatable memory and plays spoken audio in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

The included 48-page World Discovery Book features maps, world flags, landmarks, animals, dinosaurs, foods, explorers, moon maps, sky maps, and more!

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  • Intelliglobe

    Product Features:

    * 18 Touch & Explore features
    * 5 Compare features
    * 6 Find games
    * Trivia challenge
    * Multiple Choice challenge
    * Thousands of exciting educational facts
    * Time and spoken audio available in four languages

    Product Specifications:

    Diameter: 12" (30cm)
    Model Number: 39818
    Map Color: Blue
    Height: 18.5" (52cm)
    Width: 16" (41cm)
    Depth: 12" (30cm)
    Weight: 3lb (1.4kg)
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