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o learn about a city, country or area, use the tip of the pen to touch one of the Explore categories on the feature panel (located on base), and then point your Intellipen™ to a place on the globe. Touch different categories to learn more exciting information about the world.

Explore Features include:
  • Geography
  • Cities+
  • Countries & Territories+
  • States & Provinces
  • Population*
  • Music+
  • Language Spoken+
  • History+
  • National Government+
  • Life Expectancy
  • Economics+
  • Geology+
  • Currency
  • Climate+
  • Area in Square Miles+
  • Ecology+
  • Area in Square Kilometers
  • Current Time

* City Population includes greater metropolitan area

+ sign indicates that there are multiple pieces of information available under that feature. Touch the pen multiple times to desired areas to hear additional bonus audio. For example, in history mode you can touch each country three different times to find out three different facts about the country.

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