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he Replogle Intelliglobe™ is the most advanced electronic globe available with thousands of exciting and thought provoking facts and information. Please find the following Frequently Asked Questions to help you play learn and explore.

How can I replace batteries?

Batteries must be replaced by adults only. Properly dispose of used batteries. See battery\manufacturer for disposal recommendations.

Your Intellipen™ uses 2 AAA replaceable (UM-4 or LR03) batteries. Please check batteries if pen is not functioning correctly. If batteries are low, a double beep plays and the LED starts blinking.

Battery Installation

  1. Open battery door located on Intellipen™ with small flat-head or Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Install new batteries according to +/- polarity. If batteries are not installed properly, the device will not function.
  3. Replace battery door; secure with small screw.

Why don't you recommend using rechargeable batteries in a Intelliglobe™?

The design on the + (positive) end of rechargeable battery is slightly different shape from that of a standard battery, and the end may not make contact with battery terminals. This varies by battery manufacturer.

Rechargeable batteries supply less voltage when fully charged than a standard battery does when new. Because of this, the product will complain about low batteries even when rechargeable batteries are fully charged. However, the product will continue to function even after notifying you that batteries are low.

My Intellipen™ has no power after I replaced the batteries. Why?

There are a number of possible reasons your toy may have stopped working.

Trying NEW non-rechargeable batteries is the quickest fix.

Note: Please make sure you are trying new batteries. Once found around your home will have power levels that are not the same and make the product not work correctly.

Note: Make sure that the batteries are installed the correct way. Intellipen™ has a picture inside the battery compartment showing which way the batteries need to be installed.

Troubleshooting Step:
Sometimes it helps to clean the battery compartment with a dry cotton swab or cloth. Rub the gold contacts inside the battery compartment to release any dust or film. You can also use an eraser to 'erase' and clean the contacts. Once you have cleaned the contacts, please make sure to install new non-rechargeable batteries before turning your unit on.

How can I update my Intelliglobe™?

Visit to download French and/or German audio to the Pen. System requirements for downloading are listed on the back cover of World Discovery book. The Pen does not use a disc for updating.

Does Intelliglobe™ meet standard safety requirements?

Yes. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. It also conforms to the Safety requirements of ASTM F963-08.

How can I clean my Intelliglobe™?

Our earth globes have a special coating designed to protect the earth globe ball and enhance its appearance. Household dust can be removed with a dry cloth, though you may wish occasionally to use a slightly dampened cloth to remove fingerprints or smudges. Do not use industrial or even household cleaners that contain alcohol or any solvent. Minimize exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the rich colors of your globe map.

Your Intellipen™ should be checked regularly for damage to avoid the danger of an electric shock.

Do not use it if it's damaged.

Do not attempt to dismantle any part of the pen, and only use a soft, dry cloth for cleaning.

Do not get Intelliglobe™ or any of its parts wet, and be sure that your hands and the tip of the Intellipen™ are clean before touching the globe surface; otherwise, the Intellipen™ may fail to read information from the Globe.

We would be happy to receive your comments and suggestions, and appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us at

What is that little blue round dial at the North Pole?

It is called a time dial and is used to compare time around the world.

Can I find out more about the raised relief feature available on Intelliglobe™ ball?

Globes with raised relief better emphasize the mountainous areas of the world. They are there so that you can see and feel the mountains although their actual height on the globe does not have any relationship to the true relative heights of the mountain ranges.

How often does Replogle update its globe maps?

Replogle has a policy of updating a map every time it's printed. Although the names or boundaries of countries can change due to wars or other political upheavals, most changes are simple name changes that are relatively easy to make. Our policy is that when the U.S. State Department along with representatives (usually the embassies of the governments involved), recognizes the changes as being a fact, we implement the changes into our system.

Why are world globes tilted?

Many world globes are made to tilt at an angle of 23 degrees to match the actual tilt of the earth. Incidentally, it is this tilting of the earth, relative to the sun as it orbits around it, which causes the seasons to change and give us more daylight hours at certain times of the year.

How do I find a location on a world globe?

Because a world globe is round with no beginning or end, there are two imaginary reference lines from which all distances and locations are determined on a world globe; these are the equator and prime meridian.

Equator on a world globe?

Runs east and west around the exact middle of the world globe.

What is Prime Meridian on a world globe?

Imaginary line running from Pole to Pole and passing through Greenwich, England.

Can I buy additional Intellipen™ for my child?

Yes. Please contact your local retailer listed on our Web site. Go to Where to Buy area on our web site and locate retailer nearest to you. Please call to check their inventory.

How many pieces of information are there for the various multi-touch features?

Multi-touch features have two to six pieces of information. Touch and explore to discover all of them.

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